Property Trends for Winter 2020

Take a look at what is popular in the property market in winter 2020 Things are always changing in the property market, as what is popular fluctuates and reacts to what’s going on in the world. We take a look at some of the trends for winter 2020… The location Buyers are searching for properties […]

Village Life Is Appealing To Buyers

Uptick In Rural Property Enquiries Why is village life so appealing to city dwellers following lockdown? Learn why urbanites are willingly saying goodbye to their lively cities. The property market has seen a dramatic uptick in activity following lockdown as the bottleneck effect has now been pushed by the government’s stamp duty holiday and low […]

A Guide To Buying and Selling During The Pandemic

How Has The Moving Process Adjusted To Covid-19? The housing market has reopened but there are some key differences for buyers and sellers to be aware of when it comes to moving home. Lockdown legislation was amended to allow buyers and sellers to recommence with home moves from the 13th May. Although strict social distancing […]

Top tips for moving house with children

Moving house can be extremely hectic for everyone involved especially for a family with children. As adults, we tend to think about the extra stress that moving with children puts on us but it’s important to remember that your little ones are likely feeling anxious or worried themselves. Here are some top tips to help […]