Are you looking to sell your property? You must have a few questions! We are here to make the process smooth, slick and simple!

How much are your fees?

Our fees will vary depending on the type of property you have, your timescales and market conditions. Once we have carried out our valuation in person, then we are happy to discuss our fees. This can be tailored to suit your needs. Our fees are from £3,600 inclusive of VAT.
We are members of the Property Ombudsman who is our regulated governing body.

How will you marketing my property?

Our proven success is down to a mixed blend of advertising to group every single type of buyer and leave no stone unturned. We mainly use online portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla, On the Market and our own website of which soaks up 95% of the buyer’s market. However, we are heavily involved in Social Media too which is where the market is heading – meaning we are always a few steps ahead of the game. You will also see Keystones advertising in local magazines – so when you are waiting for a haircut or your appointment at the Doctors surgery, best sure to check us out!

Do you charge for professional photos, floorplans or advertising?

NO!!! Many agents charge, but we morally believe that it shouldn’t be done. We use high spec camera lenses to prepare your property at its best for the market. Professional photos, floor plans and our advertising will only HELP US to sell your property! So why should we charge you for this??
Our fee is only charged once contracts have exchanged and our fee is payable on completion!

Do I need a board?

20% of our sales come from ‘For Sale’ Boards so we recommend you have one. But it is not essential and we will not hold you to it.

Are viewings accompanied?

YES! ALL viewings should be accompanied. We are the experts and we should EARN our commission, therefore we insist on accompanying viewings because it is our job to do so. A buyer will always feel more comfortable viewing with an agent rather than a seller, a buyer might not want to offend you and it can put you on the spot should a buyer start trying to negotiate on a viewing.

Will I receive feedback?

We use a software system called Expert Agent, this enables us to set you up with your own personal login and password. This gives you insight into our office 24/7. You will be able to see live feedbacks on your property at the click of a button. Should you not be computer savvy then we assure you on 24-48hr feedbacks via phone. Regardless, we will always be in touch giving you a personal, tailored service.

Should I find a property before I put mine on the market?

This is the chicken/egg scenario. The number one debate we hear. Our advice is simple, put your property on the market first, we can always explain to buyers that they must be willing to wait until you have found. You may miss the home of your dreams due to not having your property on the market in the first place. Alternatively, you can market your property with us via our Discreet Marketing option – see our marketing page or give us a call for a chat.

How do you qualify a buyer? I don’t want my time wasted.

We don’t want your time wasted or our own for that matter. We qualify buyers with a process. We need to see proof of deposit and proof of an agreement in principle (AIP) from their mortgage lender before they wish to proceed. The buyer’s position makes a big difference for a potential sale.

How quick is it from the point of sale until completion?

We always anticipate it will be between 4-12 weeks, however, it does vary. Every sale is different but we always do our best to ensure a sale goes as smooth as possible. Remember, we are experts in the field so the majority of scenarios we have seen time and time again.

What should I look for in an agent?

Local market knowledge, honesty, integrity and expert advice. You should also check out an agents photo’s online to see how your property will be portrayed. The initial exposure period between the point of instruction to 4 weeks is the most important period in terms of marketing your property. This is the time where statistically you will receive the most viewings and the best offers.