A Day in the Life of a Property Estate Agent

Keeping buyers and sellers happy and juggling time Many think the life of an estate agent is pretty cushy; in and out of interesting houses and sat in the office sipping lattes, answering the odd phone call and dishing out property to visitors. The truth is a little different as Kevin Smith, a property negotiator […]

How To Prepare Your Property For Selling Purposes

Some care and attention can help your home sell quicker for more Once you’ve decided to sell your home, then it’s imperative to make it as saleable as possible to attract plenty of interest and offers. Some judicious preparation can genuinely make the difference between a property getting ‘stuck’ with no firm interest to one […]

When Did Romford Leave Essex?

Answering the Question That Has Raged for Centuries Historic Essex market town or part of Metropolitan London? Every Romford resident has his or her own opinion on where they really live. Ideally situated within the M25, but within easy reach of rural Essex, and with a vibrant town centre in its own right, Romford is […]

The Importance of a Property Inventory

A Property Inventory is More Than Just a List of Items Compiling and agreeing a property inventory is a fundamental aspect of the rental agreement between a tenant and landlord. Make sure you get it right. Whether you are a private landlord or a tenant, it is easy to feel a little overwhelmed with all […]