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We advertise on the relevant online portals including Rightmove which is the UK’s No.1 property portal. We also mix our advertising up in the relevant online marketing tools available to us today. In today's day and age we have found newspaper adverts to be as good as "fish and chip paper," but with such enhancing tools available to us now online we look to capitalise on this market, which is the future! So you will see Keystones Property on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and YouTube to enhance our profile and therefore YOUR PROPERTY! If you want to go on our essential buyers list and see properties on Facebook and Twitter before they go onto Rightmove, then like our Facebook Page or Follow our Twitter page.FacebookTwitter

Essential Buyers List

This is great if you want to be one step ahead of the market. This is for buyers keen to know about properties in advance before they come onto our books. If you are in the market and want to take advantage of future properties coming on, then register your details here. Register Here (link) – For properties BEFORE they come onto the market!

Buy to Let Deals

Here at Keystones, we manage a portfolio of buy to let investments for our clients. We are investors ourselves and have a keen eye on all of the best buy to let tips and deals. Make sure you are a step ahead of the best buy to lets coming onto the market.



Need a mortgage? We can help. We don’t advise that you just go to your bank or building society, and then you are limited to only their mortgage deals. You need to speak to a broker who has access to all of the deals on the market. You also need to use an experienced broker so they know how to submit your application correctly, so refrain just using a broker in the larger corporate companies, 1 in 5 might have the experience, but we have experienced that a lot of them will blow you a sale.

Register your details here if you want a call from our bespoke mortgage advisors.

The Best Solicitors

We only recommend solicitors that we work closely with, these are the firms that answer our calls when we want them to and they give our clients special attention because we pass business their way on a regular basis. We must stress that appointing a bad/cheap solicitor is not the best option. Our staff will not waste their days away chasing your appointed solicitor and doing their jobs for them. This can create a lot of work for a buyer or a seller by appointing the wrong company. A big and busy solicitor firm is fine as long as they can cope with the level of work and pass on a good service, if they cannot it is you that suffers and in turn can result in a fallen sale. Buying a property is stressful enough and a bad solicitor can make your hair turn grey.

Register here for a call from our handpicked solicitors

Walk hand in hand

Lastly, whatever your purchase through Keystones Property, we will hold your hand throughout the whole process. Whether you are a first time buyer or a seasoned veteran we have dealt with all types of buyers. So do not feel silly or stupid asking us questions, we have heard them all and value all of our clients. We aim to treat every single customer with the honour and respect that they deserve. Estate Agents have a bad name, but rest assured we are here to change this portrayal and endeavour to do all we can to help people on their journey.

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