150+ Properties Managed

This many landlords cannot be wrong, we tend to retain our landlords and help them grow their portfolios. We have years of experience in property management, from rent collection to full management.

Fantastic Track Record

We have a formidable track record, the way we choose tenants are different from other agencies. Of course their paperwork is important, but overall the character and demeanour of the tenants are also key.

Rent Protection Insurance that actually pays out

Our Rent Protection Insurance is not the cheapest, but it pays out. We regularly study the policy wording too, so we know how to make sure the tenancy is worthy of a payment should the unfortunate happen.

We DON’T take maintenance commission

This is one thing that we are morally against, agencies that take a maintenance commission and then try to hide it. It is dishonest. Our fees are our fees and we charge a fair management fee for our service. We don’t add a commission to our maintenance as we believe that it is immoral.

Well priced maintenance people

We try to avoid maintenance companies because the work gets subcontracted out and the maintenance company gets a commission. Our maintenance people are usually local to your property, are tried and tested, generally get a lot of work from us and therefore don’t rip us off otherwise they won’t get any more work from us. This is the benefit to you as our landlord.

We don’t just spend your money

At Keystones, we don’t like to go ahead with works without speaking to you first to discuss the quotes. The only time we will do this is if it is an emergency such as a water leak, heating issue or water issue.

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British property awards 2023

What's my property worth?

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The power of WhatsApp, Photos & Video

Rather than just sending a contractor out to your tenant, our aim is to try to find the solution before it costs you money. If we can guide the tenant first, then it could save you a call out fee. Another thing we do is to obtain photos and videos via email or WhatsApp so that we can obtain a solution and quote prior to the contractor attending. So there shouldn’t be any nasty surprises.

Tenancy Renewals and Rent Increases

We are experts in advising on this. Sometimes it is best to leave a tenancy on a rolling periodic and sometimes it is better to fix it in, depending on circumstances. We will also advise on the Rent Increases too, we are great at running things through with you over the phone first.

The Law & Legislation

Boring stuff I know, but with landlord law changing all the time, the government and councils being against you. The best thing we can do is protect you as best as possible because the authorities don’t. We will make sure you are compliant and we will tell you if we think you are being an irresponsible landlord.

The type of landlord we don’t want

We are quite clear on this. We want landlords that care about their tenants, landlords that want to do the right thing, landlords that want to pay a fair price for a good service and landlords that want a decent conditioned rental property and understand that if you rent a pigsty you will inevitably attract a pig. We don’t want greedy landlords and we don’t want immoral landlords.