Professional Photos and Floor Plans

The trick to getting prospective buyers to click on a property listing and find out more about the property is to entice them with attractive photos which present the property, its outside space, and the individual rooms in their best light. From considering the angle of photos to display as much of the property as possible, to integrating a floor plan for optimum transparency in terms of space and layout, the quality of the images linked to a property listing can make or break the sale.

That’s why, here at Keystones, we believe in the investment of professional photos of your property alongside a clear floor plan, to help buyers feel at home the moment they find your listing. 

Answering Service – Out of Hours

Flexible working has become an integral part of the modern workplace. We take this one step further by offering an out-of-hours answering service, ensuring that prospective buyers who browse for their dream homes at night and in the early hours will benefit from the same level of customer service as those who call during office hours.

And it doesn’t end there. Our out-of-hours answering service is also designed to support tenants with their needs, answer seller questions, and offer support to those enquiring about specific listings. 

Social Media Marketing – YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Google, LinkedIn

Our marketing team understand that to advertise property listings and tenancy opportunities effectively, you need those listings to be placed where prospective buyers and tenants will see them. That’s where our social media marketing strategy comes in – utilising the different platforms to garner interest in specific properties and to build our reputation as a reliable agency that both you as our client and other prospective buyers, sellers, and tenants can trust.

Harnessing the power of social media’s visual spotlight, we combine an effective and wide-reaching social presence with our professional photos and concise captions for maximum impact.

Team Training and Growth – We invest in our staff

Here at Keystones, we pride ourselves on delivering a high-quality service to buyers, sellers, tenants, and landlords alike. Working across all these different areas and ensuring the interests of all parties are being adequately met is no small task, which is why investing in our staff through team training and consistent growth is one of our priorities.

Alongside upskilling and regular talent mapping to ensure that every corner of our business is being led by the very best professionals, we deliver regular training in customer service and the specifics of property management, ensuring our team is aware of trends and property market shifts promptly.

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Communication is Key

One of the key things that any agency should be doing with their clients is communicating. We have endless communication elements including social media, WhatsApp and Live Chat online as well as the old school basics of picking up the telephone and calling people. As silly as this might sound we pride ourselves in actually having a conversation with our clients. We aim to call every seller within 10 days regardless of their marketing package and have a chat about their listing. We aim to communicate with our landlords too in regards to their property. We have a Sales Progression department and mobile phones so that you can even catch us out of hours if it is urgent.

Fixed Fees – no surprises

A benefit that all our clients appreciate is our fixed fee structure – that is, whether you’re buying a new home, selling a property, renting out your property through Keystones, or seeking your perfect rental, the fee that you are presented with upon the signing of your contract is the final fee that you will be charged.

We believe that transparency is the key to good business, which is why we never attach extra hidden fees to your monthly or final bill, and will always discuss price changes with you directly. 

Negotiate your onward purchase

Are you looking to sell one property and downsize or upscale into a brand-new home for you and your family? We’ve got your back – both now and in the future, with our onward purchase support service. With our property professionals experts in negotiating, we will represent you in the onward purchase of your new home and ensure that you benefit from the best price and package in terms of turnaround time and surveys.

All of this and more can be managed as part of your log-in on our online service, which allows you to see and track both the sale of your existing property and any activity on new homes that you are interested in.

Video Marketing

From facilitating remote viewings for those unable to attend a physical viewing of a property, to giving prospective buyers a middle step to assess the viability of a property before booking a formal viewing, we have invested in social media video marketing to make your home stand out and link the emotion of the video to more viewings, this is key in the era that we are in.

This allows buyers to check out the property prior to booking a viewing.

Impeccable Reviews – Customer Service Ratings

We don’t have to tell you that word-of-mouth marketing and recommendations are by far the most effective way of spreading the word about great local service providers – and here at Keystones Property, we’ve got plenty of those.

With our services supporting those looking to buy and rent, sell and let out their properties, we have a broad client base with impeccable reviews from all corners of the industry. Working with us means working with a business which is 100% local, understands the local market, and what buyers are looking for, and is poised and ready to represent you as your agent.

Modern forward thinking estate agent

Embracing technology, investing in training, and representing all parties in both the sale and rental marketplaces, Keystones Property is the epitome of a forward-thinking estate agent.

Working across Essex, we place a great deal of emphasis on our client service and the way that we frame our packages and services to support clients in the way that they need – whether that’s a video and online viewing, complete property management, or a tailor made marketing strategy.

When you partner with us or approach us with your brief for a new family home, you benefit from our extended team who are experts in all areas of the Essex property market – able to provide advice on everything from when to sell to how to position your photography and market different property assets.