Fixed Fees

Whether you are selling a lower priced property or a high end home, the work levels on our behalf are the same, therefore we do not believe in charging on a percentage basis. We believe that it is important for you to know your costs involved and being able to budget for that.

Onward purchase negotiation

This is a service that we can deliver for our clients. Buying and selling your home can be a very emotional time, where a lot of people might not make the most pragmatic decisions, this is where we are different and we like to bridge the gap and help to negotiate your onward purchase. We have saved thousands of pounds for our clients that allow us to bring this service to them and negotiate their onward purchase as a huge benefit for our customers.

Accompanied viewings

We will try to accompany viewings where necessary and believe that you hire an agent to do the job for you.

Modern Marketing

Professional photos, video tours with cool music, floor plans, etc… These are services that every agency should be giving a seller, it means that the agency are keeping up with the era that we are in. We offer a step further with our social following, do not underestimate the power that is through our selling base via social media being pivotal to our success. We wouldn’t invest in social media if it didn’t work! Marketing is imperative in this day and age.

Clear Communication

Although marketing, gadgets and online communication tools are great, we are firm believers in the old school approach of ‘picking up the phone’ and speaking to our clients in a human way, so this is something we will never fail to deliver on even though we have embraced the tech age that we are in too. So with Keystones we promise both ends of the spectrum for all of your needs.

Open Days

We deliver open days for your home, we call it the ‘eBay effect’ where the full benefits of an open day can work in the favour of our sellers obtaining the highest price.

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Out of Hours Service

Whilst our team do have a life outside of work, we invest in our communication tools, we have company mobile phones, WhatsApp, online chat bots, Answering Services and access to emails from home. Should it be an emergency or peace of mind, we can be in touch with you away from the offices.

Good Culture & Good People

Our company culture and ethos is to be estate agents that ‘people actually like.’ This might amuse some people but we know about the stigma in regards to estate agents in the UK, we like to be approachable, go against the grain and be good people in and outside of work. Please note that this doesn’t mean that we are pushovers, but we give freedom to the team to be themselves and give a good service to our clients.

Property Portals

We subscribe to Rightmove, Zoopla, On the Market, Prime Location and all of the major portals in the UK to guarantee that you will get yourself seen, it is important that your agent invests in all of these as well as a software system that enables enhanced communication with their customers.

Training & Negotiation

We invest in our training and negotiation of our team, this is important because it means that senior members of the team will be handling ‘offer negotiations’ on your behalf.


Are you looking to sell your property? You must have a few questions! We are here to make the process smooth, slick and simple!

How much are your fees?

We have implemented a Fixed Fee Structure, we found this is fair and honest. Whether we are selling a £2 Million Pound House or a £200,000 Apartment, then the work is similar. Our fixed fee’s are on our site.

What should I look for in an agent?

Local market knowledge, honesty, integrity and expert advice. You should also check out an agents marketing to see how your property will be portrayed. The initial exposure period between the point of instruction to 4 weeks is the most important period in terms of marketing your property. This is the time where statistically you will receive the most viewings and the best offers. Social Media and Video has come into play now, so a good, modern and forward thinking agent will be making headway on this front to capture audiences too.

Are viewings accompanied?

Depending on the package you choose. Some owners want to save money and accompany their own viewings and others want an experienced agency to provide this service. We cater for all aspects and packages. We can even negotiate the onward purchases of our sellers and have saved our owners thousands of pounds by doing so.

Should I find a property before I put mine on the market?

This is the chicken/egg scenario. The number one debate we hear. Our advice is simple, put your property on the market first, we can always explain to buyers that they must be willing to wait until you have found. You may miss the home of your dreams due to not having your property on the market in the first place. Alternatively, you can market your property with us via our Discreet Marketing option – see our marketing page or give us a call for a chat.

How quick is it from the point of sale until completion?

We always anticipate it will be between 4-12 weeks, however, it does vary. Every sale is different but we always do our best to ensure a sale goes as smooth as possible. Remember, we are experts in the field so the majority of scenarios we have seen time and time again.

How will you market my property?

This entirely depends on the package you choose. Our proven success is down to a mixed blend of advertising to group every single type of buyer and leave no stone unturned. We use all of the online portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla and On the Market as well as our own database too, where we usually have plenty of buyers on our books and quite regularly buyers that have missed out on other properties. We also spend a lot of money through our social media platforms which is proven to capture a lot of buyers nowadays via Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn and more. We also offer our Professional Photography Packages too.

Do I need a board?

20% of our sales come from ‘For Sale’ Boards so we recommend you have one. But it is not essential and we will not hold you to it.

Will I receive feedback?

Communication is key for us, although we are trend setters in regards to the technological aspect of the estate agency industry, we also believe that traditional ethics still apply today. We aim to deliver constructive feedback within 24 hours of a working day from a set of viewings that has taken place. We have access to the phone, email, WhatsApp and other forms of communication in this day and age, therefore, no agent should have any excuse including Keystones.

How do you qualify a buyer? I don’t want my time wasted

We don’t want your time wasted or our own for that matter. We qualify buyers with a process. We need to see proof of deposit and proof of an agreement in principle (AIP) from their mortgage lender before they wish to proceed. The buyer’s position makes a big difference for a potential sale.

Do I need professional photos? Don’t you just stick it up online to sell my home?

Professional Photos is a must, we are in the ‘Smart Age’ where it is very difficult for a potential buyer to view your property on a recommendation from an agent, they want to see the photos online first. People are busy and lead busy lives. Therefore, we need to capture them, entertain them and make sure they do listen to us and want to view your house because they have a ‘Fear of Missing Out!’ This is marketing right now and we are experts.

If it was as easy as getting your phone camera out and sticking it up anywhere online to sell your home, then there wouldn’t be some agents doing better than others. If you truly understand our value and want to achieve more value for your home, then you will pick your agency very carefully.

We are open and honest, we don’t want sellers that do not value Keystones and do not appreciate how we market and how we sell your home.