Join the team at Keystones

Keystones are not your typical estate and letting agency. We are quite different from the norm.

Working for the company is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. It is really important to know who I am as a business owner, boss and human being prior to coming on board with us or even attending an interview.

The company culture, values and mission define our principles. If you agree with them then it would be worth getting in touch with us and if you are not comfortable with them, then that is great too because although you may be a great person, you may not be a fit for the team or the company.

We are always looking for great talent at Keystones, if you think you have what it takes or are interested to know more, please enquire with your interest below.

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There has been many team members that have joined and left because they didn’t take the below seriously or embrace it.

There have also been many members of the team that love it and have stayed here, and are even thriving here.

I will let you know decide. Our clients are of the utmost importance to us because they make the vehicle go round and they pay the business, which in turn pays your wages. To be able to look after our clients, your morals have to be in right place.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and if we are for you, get in touch with us.

If we are not, then good luck with your journey


Scott Jay

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to give the best service throughout the property process and do right by customers and ourselves.

Working here is a life changing experience, an opportunity to be part of something and develop yourself. We will create and empower new leaders to step up if YOU choose to do so. You can create a life for yourself the right way without doing evil using the right moral path. We will be goal setters, planners and embrace change to pursue our success and have fun doing it.

Keystones Values
  1. Think LONG TERM all the time. You will earn more money in the long run and so will the company.
  2. Do not commit Evil, have integrity and some self-respect. You can still make money. Don’t be dodgy. Have character.
  3. If you fail, fantastic, it brings you closer to success. It is the growth process.
  4. Have fun and smile, otherwise what is the point in being here. Don’t waste your life.
  5. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable, what is the point if you are not growing.
  6. Be brave, bold, courageous and take responsibility, do not hide.
  7. We encourage honest and challenging conversations in private, everyone in the company will be heard and be listened to.
  8. Do the right thing. When tough choices happen, do what is best for the customer and in the long term it will benefit the company, therefore it will also benefit YOU.
  9. We work together and take an interest in each other’s work; we are a team.
  10. We are good people in society, inside and outside work.
  11. We take Accountability, Ownership & Responsibility. No excuses!
  12. Fast is better than slow. You must be efficient and also work fast.
  13. Just because you wear a suit, doesn’t mean that you cannot have a good personality to the public.
  14. We are the estate agents that people actually like.
  15. Trust is the ultimate goal – Tell the truth to yourself, to clients and to your colleagues. We need to be able to trust each other, don’t be a liar.
  16. Embrace Change, have a great attitude to it, don’t be a dinosaur!
Company Purpose

To be a truthful business in the property field, but the company purpose is also to grow people here to enable team members to grow themselves through the company.

The Deeper View

The culture and the opportunity at Keystones are that we can change the lives of ourselves and our peers. At Keystones, it is an opportunity to be part of a winning estate agency whose vision is to grow and to grow its people.

With this in mind, there is opportunity from within the company to grow yourself as a person, help the company get to where it wants to be and as a direct result that will help you get to where you want to be in life too. Maybe we can be partners.

By working on yourself more than you do your actual job will make you better at your job, better as a person and therefore enable you to give value in service aiding Keystones to give the best possible service for our customers, helping us to be No.1 and in turn helping you to create a life for yourself.

Become the best here, a better human being, a person in the driving seat of your life and be a part of a better future for all that comes into contact with Keystones Property.