Who is and who isn’t a good fit for Keystones Property?

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At Keystones Property, we get approached day in and day out by vendors and landlords that want to work with us.

We choose not to work with all clients as some people want a different type and style of service to that what we can offer and how much we can offer it.


Part of our vision and company culture is transparency and honesty throughout the process, unfortunately, estate and letting agencies receive a bad name as they may promise too much at the outset and not be able to deliver the results, this goes against our ethos, we would rather be open upfront and then there are no surprises and expectations are managed.

The same is true for our clients, if you cannot be transparent with us about your plans and your move, then this will cause problems and it would make us a bad fit for you.

Tidy and Clutter Free houses

We want to achieve the highest prices for our sellers and landlords, keeping our record prices going for our customers that we can achieve, therefore, we ask that when it comes down to the photos and viewings, your home is tidy and clutter free. It makes a huge difference in the price and if you are renting, the quality of tenants that will be attracted to your property.

We understand situations such as probate properties or properties that need work, but this is more for the case of everyday homes that you live in.


This is unlawful and we won’t be involved in any of this. If we have a buyer on our books that offers us a bribe, we will remove them from our system and database, we don’t like to do business with this type of individual. We ask that the price be given to our owner who has trusted us enough to sell or rent their property.

Value for Money

We want to work with clients that appreciate the value that we offer. We invest in our staff, systems, and processes to make sure that we can deliver the very best service to our customers. We heavily invest in training, software, advertising, marketing, and the staff so that our customers obtain the results which is a good price and service.

We have an impeccable instruction to exchange ratio and a phenomenal track record for receiving rent from tenants due to our experience and how we do it.

We are not the cheapest, we are reasonable, but it is the investment for the value that we bring. This is the reason we have so many positive online reviews.

Therefore, we ask customers to respect our service and in return, we will give value.

If you want the lower fee or the cheapest fee, then we recommend that you go elsewhere.

Punctuality and Respect

We do not mainly charge for an upfront service; our commission is earned on a tenant move in or an exchange on contracts for a sale.

Therefore, we request that you keep your end of the bargain and turn up for appointments on time. If you cannot, we request that you please inform us within a reasonable timeframe. Our staff do not get petrol money or time back, it is the investment of their goodwill.

We also do not want to deal with anyone with offensive language or who is rude to us. The staff do not deserve to be verbally abused in any way, shape or form.

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