Why move to Collier Row?

An area of Romford which bridges the borders of both East London and the outskirts of Essex, Collier Row is a great place to live if you want to benefit from the rural countryside of Essex while still being able to access London with ease. With something for everyone, uniting family life with the hustle and bustle of the city, Collier Row is a vibrant place boasting plenty of green space, great schools, and amenities to entice all age groups.

Things to do in Collier Row

Collier Row is a relatively small town which is surrounded on most sides by parks and farmland – making it desirable for those seeking separation from the city without losing their direct connection to London. The name Collier Row is derived from the former charcoal burners who occupied the area and were known as “colliers”, with their history embedded in the very fabric of the town.

In addition to the parks which offer a plethora of activities for young people and adults to get involved in, Collier Row has a large shopping centre in the heart of the town, and it plays host to a number of restaurants and eateries which serve the local residents and keep the town thriving, as well as annual and temporary attractions.

Property in Collier Row

Despite its popularity with modern buyers and homeowners, Collier Row only became habitable for large numbers of residents around the 1960s when development to expand the outskirts of London led to shops and roads being built in and around Romford and the Collier Row area.

Since then, property prices have fluctuated with demand, with the average price of a property in Collier Row sitting at around £424,922 over the past twelve months.

However, the further we dig into the specifics of this average figure, the more we can pick apart and identify property prices for different property types, including:

  • Semi-detached properties have sold for an average of £459,989
  • Flats have sold for an average of £252,509

These average prices have risen by 8% since the pre-pandemic sales of 2019, with demand continuing to rise as more buyers from the city seek properties in surrounding countryside and more rural areas.

British property awards 2019 - 2020
British property awards 2023
British property awards 2023


Collier Row is served by the Royal Victoria Hospital, and by the local Queen’s Hospital in Romford.


One of the biggest selling points of Collier Row is its connectivity to both rural Essex and central London, with the area located on the route of seven different Transport for London bus routes. Despite not being directly connected via train or underground to London, Collier Row is closed to both Romford train station and Hainault and Newbury Park underground stations – all of which travel straight into central London.

For those who drive, Collier Row is located just off the A12, which leads into London and North East to the coast of Essex.

Schools and Education

The education in and around Collier Row has long been recognised as above average, with the local school serving both primary and junior age students. As well as supporting a high standard of education, the local Parklands School provides comprehensive learning and support around wellbeing and relationship building for a well-rounded pupil experience – all built on the school’s six key values.

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