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Where did 2014 go?

Well…it has been an interesting and eventful year. It has gone quickly, as a wise old man told me that “the older I get…the quicker they’ll go!”

So, what happened…well…

We are officially out of a recession! The property prices went crazier than normal during the summer and England did nothing in the World Cup (that wasn’t a shock!)

But Keystones Property are coming up to their 2nd Year in May 2015 and this year has been a great year for us and our loyal clients.

We have built up quite a handsome portfolio of managed property, sold our fair share of houses in all locations and ruffled a few feathers with the local agents in our area – which means we are doing something right!

Above all, I put it down to good old fashioned knowledge and service. There is a reason we are being recommended heavily at the moment and getting all sorts of repeat business. We are very busy and are already looking for a new addition to the team: A Sales Valuer!

So if you know anyone who is good, please forward them my way!

A few days ago The Autumn Statement came out and our very own George Osbourne with the government made some positive changes to the stamp duty in the UK.

What effect will this have??

Anybody purchasing a property within £250,000 – £925,000 will have benefited from this. They will be paying 5% on a scale as opposed to 3-5% on the whole price.

So for arguments sake if you were purchasing a property for £500,000 you will be paying £15,000 instead of £20,000 which will save the purchaser £5000.00 – A nice sum!

Hopefully come 2015 we will see a steady progression of property coming onto the market with it being more financially viable for the public to move home without getting financially crippled too much.

I don’t think prices will rise or be effected, obviously with less property on the market at the moment the demand is still there and for property in various prime locations will continue to fetch high prices regardless.

We have advised all of our sellers to hold off with marketing their properties over December and wait until the 2nd week of January where things tend to pick up.

If you do have your property on the market over Xmas you are playing a risk game as if you don’t get a buyer by 20th December it does tend slow right down until January.

Agents should be telling owners about the risks of their properties being on Rightmove for too long (where ALL buyers are watching like hawks) and as a result their listing being tarnished meaning the price they fetch could be significantly lower.

However, with that in mind we do tell our landlords to look for properties over this time of year as vendors get desperate to sell and a few “deals” can be done over the cold months.

Anyway, you know where we are if you want any advice – It is no obligation and nothing is too big or too small a discussion.

Give us a call on 0203 697 7788 or visit our website: www.key-stones.co.uk

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

From All the Team at Keystones Property – we are wishing you a great and prosperous 2015!

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