In today’s property market most of the house hunting and main house buying decisions are done so by the fairer sex, there is no getting around the fact that women do the majority of the house hunting so it is important you know how to dress up your home for a date with a fine girl, because this is pretty much what you need to do to sell your home.

Firstly, it’s the flowers; a fresh bunch of flowers looking beautiful and smelling gorgeous placed in the entrance hall or on a table in the lounge will impress the lady to your home. The smell of the fresh flowers will make the room feel fresh and clean while the colours will brighten the room and look welcoming.

Women love to be social and on visiting your home they will quickly picture how their life will be in the home so make yourself look sociable, have invites on the fire places or stuck to the fridge. Have pictures of you with friends and family to show it is a sociable home and people enjoy coming round to spend time with you and this is then the life the female house buyer will picture herself in.

The house needs to be super clean, the faint smell (not overpowering) of bleach in the kitchen and bathroom will be a huge turn on for the women and while we are on the bathroom, make sure the toilet seat is down and your dirty clothes are safely hidden away in the laundry bin where there cannot be seen or smelt.

Have interesting books on display, it will show this is the home of someone interesting and intelligent and therefore the female will feel she can slip into this role perfectly and feel it is a good home to live in.
Before the house viewing have a quick sweep round the house with your eyes, hide the adult videos, take down the trashy calendars and move the less ‘ladylike’ music DVDs to the back so there is nothing in eye sight of the female house buyer that will put her off buying your home.

If you would like any more tips for selling your home have a look through our website or call the team directly at Keystone Property; we will only be too happy to help. We can even tell you how much your home is worth or offer a free house valuation in Romford.

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