Five Reasons to Move to Collier Row

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Collier Row has a relatively short history, but a thriving and vibrant community. Why not become a part of it?

Collier Row is one of those places that many have heard of but fewer really know anything about. Drive into London along the A12 or along the North Circular, and you will see it signed and think little more about it.

However, the genie is rapidly escaping the bottle, as an increasing number of people discover this thriving community in the London borough of Havering. And as the Crossrail project nears completion, Collier Row estate agents predict that it is set to become one of the key hot spots in the area. Here are five reasons Collier Row is a great place to live.

1) Fantastic food

Whether you want a takeaway kebab or a fine dining experience, Collier Row has something for everyone. Panna’s, at the City Pavilion, is one of the most popular Indian restaurants for miles around, in an area that is spoilt for choice. The Executive Chef has 20 years’ experience working in fine dining establishments, and it shows.

2) Local talent

The area boasts boxer Frank Bruno and trumpeter Kenny Ball among famous past residents. And only last month, 15 year old Collier Row busker Joshua Greaves and his friend, Zac Carpenter, beat thousands of competitors to win the Gigs talent competition, organised by the Mayor of London.

3) Great connectivity

Whether you are a home-based worker or you just love to catch up on your favourite box sets, everyone needs a good internet connection these days. Thanks to a fantastic local infrastructure, Collier Row has some of the fastest broadband available, boasting download speeds of up to 100mb.

4) Excellent schools

There was a time when you got what you were given when it came to education, but with today’s Ofsted ratings, there is nowhere for schools to hide. There is no shortage of excellent options in Collier Row. Parklands, on Havering Road, is one of the largest primary and junior schools in the area. It has a 50 year history and a fantastic reputation. For older kids, Kantor King Solomon High School, Oaks Park High School and Chadwell Heath Academy are all within easy reach and consistently score well with Ofsted.

5) Parks and green space

Just because you are on the outskirts of London, don’t be fooled into thinking there is no green space around. The Recreation Ground off Collier Row Road boasts plenty of play equipment and is bordered to the east by the attractive and tranquil River Rom. Or just a mile to the north of Collier Row is the 300 acre Hainault Forest Country Park (pictured above, photo by Sarah White). Here, you will find fishing lakes, bridleways, a nature trail and even a kids’ zoo, home to meercats, peacocks and many other interesting creatures.

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