Great Ideas for How to Make the Most of Your Spare Room


If you are fortunate enough to have a spare room in your house, then it’s worth thinking about how the space is currently functioning and if it is being utilised to its full potential. Quite often a spare room is an unloved, mismatched dumping ground for things you don’t have a proper home for like suitcases, out of season clothing and random items like step ladders and ironing boards.

Don’t let your spare room become a waste of space – here are some great ideas for making the most of it.

Think About It

Before you start decorating and moving furniture, it’s a good idea to take a step back and consider what would benefit ‘you’ the most. How could this room improve your daily life? Is there a way it could function to benefit your work life balance, your health, your family? Take a good look at the room itself, the space on offer, the layout and where it is in the home and factor this into your decision.

Guest Bedroom

Probably the most obvious and not very exciting idea is a guest bedroom, but this might be the most practical for your situation. Perhaps you have friends or relatives you’d like to be able to make space for when they visit or maybe your partner snores and you’d like a nice, comfortable bedroom to escape to when you just can’t sleep.

Dressing Room

If your bedroom itself is limited on storage space, then why not create your dream dressing room? Wardrobes and hanging rails, drawers and modern storage units with good lighting and even a dressing table or seating area is a great way to not only utilise the spare room but allow for more space in your master bedroom.

Home Office

If you have a job that allows you to or requires you to work from home, then avoid being stuck on the sofa balancing your laptop and create a home office. Having a smart, modern and clear workspace will allow you to use your time more efficiently and separate yourself from the noise of the home when needed.

Craft Room

Maybe you craft as a hobby or maybe it is your business? Either way why not create your own little crafting paradise in your very own craft room. Clever storage for all your craft gear, a comfortable seating area and space to work is a great way to keep everything tucked neatly away for when you want to use it.

Home Gym or Yoga Studio

In the busy world we live in it’s not always possible or convenient to leave the house and go to a gym. If you enjoy working out then use a mirrored wall, rubberised flooring and suitable equipment to transform your spare room into your very own gym. Alternatively, add some candles, mats, plants and dimmable lights to create a serene area to stretch those muscles, meditate and practice yoga.

A Playroom

If you have children, then your home likely suffers from the same affliction that every parents does – being overrun with toys! It doesn’t matter how many times you tidy their bedroom or pick up after them there is always toys strewn everywhere.

Use the extra space to create a dream playroom for your little ones, with bright colours, soft carpet, plenty of storage and their favourite animals or characters adoring the walls – giving them the space they need to play and keep their toys from taking over the house!

If you are looking to sell at some point in the future, making the most of your spare room is a great way to entice potential buyers and add value to your home. If you live in and around Romford and are looking to sell your property then get in touch with Keystones Property Estate Agents today.

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