The History Behind Concrete Built Houses In Romford


Do you have a concrete built or non-standard construction house in romford?

There are various types of non-standard homes in the UK, ranging from BISF, Pre-Fabricated Houses, PRC Houses, Timber Framed and Wimpey No Fine Houses to name a few.

In certain areas of Romford, Essex you tend to get non-standard houses, mainly in Harold Hill. Outside of the area you will also find these houses in Hainault and also properties in Chigwell, IG7. You tend to find more Wimpey No-Fines, BISF and Pre-Fab homes.

But can a buyer obtain a mortgage on a non-standard built house?

After World War 2, there was a pressing need for rapid and cost-effective housing solutions to address the shortage of homes after London was bombed during the Blitz. Prefabricated houses, often constructed with concrete walls manufactured in factories and transported to building sites, emerged as a pragmatic response to this demand. These prefab homes, held together with steel rods, offered a quick and economical alternative to traditional brick construction. Ironically, rumour has it that they were made with German engineering.

Contrary to popular belief, you CAN get mortgages on these properties via certain lenders. Numerous factors come into play here such as what lenders are available at the time of ‘reading’ this article, how much deposit you have to put down and the general property market at the time of buying.

If you want advice on mortgage lending or if you are selling a property in Romford or Harold Hill, then give us a call as we have the knowledge when it comes to selling these homes.

If your property is a PRC – then you may have or the previous owner may have had the property re-bricked once upon a time or you can still have it re-bricked which opens the house up to a larger pool of lenders (if you have the re-bricked PRC certificate available, you can always purchase a copy of it if you don’t but it is expensive).

This is a good website in conjunction with PRCs. Advice about PRC Certificates from PRC Homes UK Limited – We Can Assist with Purchase & Repair of Defective Housing

More about concrete builds

Concrete houses gained popularity during this period due to their swift construction capabilities, providing a timely solution to the housing crisis. The efficiency and affordability of prefab concrete homes made them a favoured choice, fulfilling the urgent need for mass housing.

The types of concrete builds

Romford holds a lot of residential construction and surprisingly concrete houses stand as distinct structures amongst brick-built houses, steel frame and timber frame houses.

Concrete houses exhibit two main classifications: precast reinforced concrete construction and cast-in-situ concrete construction. Precast reinforced concrete construction involves the off-site manufacturing of components that are seamlessly assembled on-site, while the cast-in-situ entails the pouring of concrete directly into on-site timber ‘formwork’ known as shuttering.

Despite their robust nature, concrete houses often face challenges in the property market due to the limited demand for non-standard modern construction homes. Potential buyers are increasingly becoming aware of the complexities associated with owning concrete properties, leading to a struggle in their sale. Understanding the nuances of the concrete builds sheds light on the unique features and considerations that come with selling this type of property in Romford.

Why do concrete builds get a bad rep?

While concrete construction played a crucial role in post-war housing, it also faced challenges over time. The awareness of issues associated with non-standard modern construction, including concerns about maintenance and aesthetics, led to a decline in the demand for concrete-built houses.

Lenders may be hesitant to mortgage concrete houses due to the uncertainty surrounding their maintenance due to the non-standard nature of these constructions, repairing or replacing concrete components can be more complex and costly than traditional brick houses. The perceived risks may lead lenders to adopt a cautious approach, either by offering higher interest rates or requiring a larger down payment.

The stigma associated with concrete construction can affect resale values. Some potential buyers may be wary of the perceived complexities and costs associated with owning a concrete- built home, it could be lack of familiarity which can contribute to scepticism and hesitancy in financing such properties. It could also be that the appearance of concrete houses can be considered less appealing compared to traditional construction methods. Some individuals may find the stark and industrial look of concrete less desirable.

Why concrete builds aren’t as bad as they’re made out to be

Contrary to prevailing misconceptions, concrete-built houses come with their set of advantages that challenge the common negative perceptions. One notable advantage lies in their robust construction, providing a durable and long-lasting framework. While maintenance is often cited as a potential disadvantage, it’s worth noting that well-designed concrete structures can actually require less frequent maintenance compared to traditional constructions.

The thermal mass of concrete contributes to energy efficiency, helping regulate temperatures and potentially reducing utility costs. Additionally, the speed at which prefabricated concrete houses can be erected remains an undeniable advantage, especially in addressing urgent housing needs. Understanding and appreciating the benefits of concrete-built houses can foster a more nuanced perspective, debunking myths and encouraging a re-evaluation of these structures in the housing market.

Can I sell my concrete property?

Concrete houses in Romford have deep historical roots behind their origins. As a seller, you must understand these houses are sellable and it isn’t as bad as the stigma portrays it to be. The sturdy build, lower maintenance, and energy efficiency are selling points.

If you want a discussion about selling or purchasing a concrete home, then you really need to give us a call to point you in the right direction.

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