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Today, Collier Row is renowned for its desirable housing, transport links to the city and wealth of local businesses. 100 years ago, it was a very different place.

Situated in the London borough of Havering, Collier Row is a predominantly residential district with a strong community spirit that belies its relatively short history. The area was subject to its first major housing development in the 1930s as part of the broader London housing expansion project of the time. From that time right up to present day, Collier Row has proved a popular place for both residents and investors.

A quick look at the properties on offer from Collier Row estate agents gives an indication of the wide variety of properties available, and for those looking to rent or to invest in a buy-to-let property, letting agents in Collier Row also have an abundance of choices.

Local shops and facilities are plentiful, and transport links into the City are excellent, meaning that the popularity of the area and the buoyancy of property values is likely to remain strong long into the future.

Local history

Most of the area now known as Collier Row was once part of the great Forest of Essex, which in medieval times covered an area of around 3,000 acres. By the 19th Century, most of the trees had been removed and the area was predominantly farmland. However, part of this ancient legacy remains to this day – the word “Collier” being derived from the charcoal-burners who made their living burning timber forest all those years ago.

The Collier Row we see today was really born in the 1930s, when most of the present housing and shopping parades were first developed. This was of course stalled by the outbreak of World War II, but since then, the area has seen consistent growth and investment.

Today, Collier Row is home to around 10,000 residents and to numerous local businesses.

Transport links

Collier Row is served by six TFL bus routes and also commercial route 575, that runs from Epping to Romford and Lakeside Shopping Centre.

Romford mainline station is just two miles away, and from there it is just a 20 minute train ride into the heart of London. Alternatively, Newbury Park and Hainult tube stations are also within easy reach.

Local shopping

The main retail area is centred around Collier Row Road, which runs from west to east across the community. Here, there are a wide selection of supermarkets, independent clothes shops, small local businesses, banks and estate agents. There is also a great choice of restaurants, pubs and takeaways catering to all tastes and budgets.


The majority of properties sold in Collier Row over the last 12-months were semi-detached houses, selling for an average price of around £350,000. The average price of all property in the area was £313,000, 15% up on the previous year and a remarkable 36% up on the 2008 level of £230,000.

At present there are around 150 properties on the market in Collier Row with prices ranging from £170,000 to £800,000. Similarly, 30 properties are available to rent, from a one-bedroom flat at £700 per month to a five-bedroom house for £2,000 per month.

All this goes to show that there really is something for everyone in this ever popular suburb.

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