How To Attract Londoners To Buy Your Essex Property


Maximise Your Home’s Selling Points

What are Londoners looking for from accommodation outside the capital? Make sure your home ticks all the boxes!

Londoners are twice as likely to uproot and move to cheaper accommodation following the impact of the pandemic. Research revealed by Legal and General unveiled that 15% of those based in the capital are already planning to move, in comparison with just 7% based elsewhere in the country. Millennials are said to be prioritising the reduction of their financial obligations. Hit by the cost of affording a mortgage in the capital, they’re now focused on minimising their outgoings by seeking accommodation elsewhere. As remote working is set to become the norm for so many businesses, Londoners are no longer confined to living within a certain transport zone to make their daily commute bearable.

If you’re an Essex property owner who is looking to sell, then now is the time to attract London buyers to view your home.

Home Working

For Londoners who plan to keep their current job and perhaps commute into the capital occasionally, or not at all, they’ll need a smart home working setup. Some couples are now seeking homes with space for two offices so that each partner is able to enjoy a quiet, productive environment. If your house isn’t equipped with a study area at the moment, then have a think about your existing layout and perhaps customise it to appeal to home workers. If you have an open plan living layout, then you could invest in pocket doors to offer the option of partitioning off a quieter area.

Alternatively, do you have a larger than average landing area? Or a separate dining room as well as a kitchen diner? These could be transformed into a study space for potential capital buyers. Make sure also that you’re able to answer questions about the strength of your broadband as this will be key information for anyone interested in your property.

Prioritise Your Garden

One of the top reasons that Londoners are looking to leave the capital, is to enjoy more garden space. Many capital dwellers make do with shared garden space, a poky roof terrace, or no outside area at all, so your garden will be a significant selling point when looking around your Essex property. As estate agents Romford professionals, we know that buyers fall in love with the county’s proximity to vast expanses of rural and coastal living. However, you can also draw additional interest to your home by sprucing up your garden a bit. Make sure it’s neat and tidy – carry out minor repairs and general maintenance tasks such as jetwashing the patio, painting the fences and mowing the lawn to make it look truly charming.

Additional Space

Londoners will want to consider every inch of accommodation you’re available to offer to maximise the potential of the property. If you haven’t extended into your loft or garage, then you may want to market these as selling points for your buyers. Have a clear-out of each of these spaces, so that they’re able to see what is available to them and the potential conversion options that are on offer.

As waves of Londoners are set to leave the capital in the coming months, now is the time to get started with marketing your property.

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