How To Prepare Your Home For A Virtual Tour


Will Your Home Look Desirable On Camera?

Showing your home on a 360 degree tour requires a little thought. Follow these tips to prep your home beforehand.

Covid-19 has changed the property industry in many ways, with virtual property viewings being a safe social distancing alternative for vendors who wish to market their homes to buyers. The temporary closure of the market has created a bottleneck of buyers whose property exchanges may have fallen through. Other buyer registrations are from those who have been inspired by the lockdown to change their own living situation. This pent-up demand has led to an increase of 182% in people booking advance viewings of properties according to Rightmove, with virtual tours being a winning solution.

If you’re hoping to sell your property this season, then make sure you present it in the perfect light for a virtual tour by following these tips.

What types of property tour do we offer?

Keystones are proud to showcase our innovation by conducting 360-degree virtual reality viewings where you can navigate through a property and see everything without both buyers or sellers taking time out of their days. For sellers, you don’t need to be present during this tour, as the buyer will have the opportunity to interact via live chat with a member of the office.

When preparing your home for a virtual tour recording, in many ways, this is similar to the steps you would take to declutter before an open house or physical property viewing. Our estate agents Chadwell Heath team explains that before deep cleaning, you should depersonalise your rooms so that potential buyers can imagine themselves living there. You should bear in mind that buyers will want to see every nook and cranny of your property, which means sorting and organising through your cupboards and pantry space too.


We all know that decluttering is important, but how far do you actually have to go to sell your home?

In the kitchen, this mean storing away your countertop tools and appliances such as blenders, toasters and utensils. Clean your fridge and remove magnets, notes or artwork from the front of the unit.

Think minimal when it comes to your living rooms – remove ornaments, photos and excess books from the shelves. The lived-in vibe doesn’t work well when trying to sell your home, so keep the look as generic as possible. You may wish to remove a chair or two to clear any visual clutter.

Take a similar approach with your bedroom, packing away any toiletries that take up space on the top of your furniture. Make sure toys or excess clutter in kids’ rooms are packed away in handy storage bins.


Power cords look untidy, so make sure you turn off any electronic clutter and find a way to tame the cables, either by hiding them or using a cable wrap. Consistent lighting is essential too, so whilst you may make use of natural light in brighter areas, remember to illuminate dark spots of your home to eradicate gloominess.

Surfaces which sparkle

Next up, you’ll need to follow some cleaning techniques to ensure that your surfaces shine.  Buff kitchen countertops by mixing baking soda and water before adding a coat of cooking oil. Leave to soak, then use a microfibre cloth to gently buff to a glossy finish. You should also pay close attention to the finish of your windows to make sure there are no unpleasant streaks showing up in your virtual tour.

The camera doesn’t lie, so showcase your property at its best by taking these extra steps before buyers take your tour.

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