Our Top 5 Tips You Should Use For A Stress Free Move


Help your moving day go smoothly with some advanced planning

Moving house is both exciting and potentially stressful at the same time; there’s the feel good factor of moving into a home you’ve possibly spent some time finding, buying and preparing to move to – and actually moving in is the final hurdle of the whole process.

Some advanced planning and these five tips should help make for a smooth move:

Draw up a timetable for moving

With so much to remember and attend to on the approach to your moving day and on the day itself, forward planning makes a huge difference in avoiding possibly missing deadlines and forgetting about essential items entirely.

For example, establishing when you can collect the keys to your new home is a basic fact to schedule in; assuming you’re using experienced property professionals such as Essex-based Keystones Property estate agents they’ll inform you when the keys will be available but do check.

Make a full list of those who need your new address

It’s not just friends and family who you’ll need to inform regarding your new address; there are various companies, government departments and more who will need to know – it’s likely a bigger list than you first thought.

Here are some examples under various headings:

  • Financial – banks, insurance companies for car and home, credit card companies
  • Utilities suppliers – water, gas, electricity, broadband, landline telephone, mobile provider
  • Government departments – HMRC, DVLA (you’ll need to change your car V5C document to include your new address), television licensing, electoral roll
  • Health – doctor, dentist, optician (you may need to change your doctor if moving away from their catchment area)
  • Subscriptions – anything you subscribe to such as gyms and magazines need to know
  • Work and educational – your employers and your childrens’ schools

Having your mail redirected using the Post Office’s change of address service for a period after you move is a good idea.

Pre packing

To save time it’s a great idea to pack up items you won’t require before moving.

For example, if you’re moving in the late spring or summer then winter coasts and clothing can likely be packed up. Possessions such as books, DVDs and CDs could likely be packed too as can certain items of furniture – especially the types that can be dissembled first.

While you’re about it ensure you have enough packing materials for pre packing and for the immediate run up to the day itself.

Preparing the way for moving in

There’s a few things worth doing if possible before moving in:

Clean – if you can access the property before your moving day a thorough clean before anything has been moved in would be advantageous.

Briefing information – ask the sellers of your new property if they could leave a basic information list somewhere you’ll easily find it containing details such as:

  • Where the water stopcock is
  • Where the utility meters are located
  • Where the electricity fusebox and trip switch are located
  • When the dustbins are emptied
  • Instructions for operating the boiler and (where fitted) the burglar alarm

It’s a nice touch if you do the same for the new owners of your previous property.

A ‘moving in essentials’ kit

It’s likely your moving day will be a long one and you’ll need something to eat and drink at some stage – it’s easy to forget you’re moving into an empty house – and certain consumables and basic tools will likely come in handy.

  • Sustenance – a flask or two of a hot drink, bottles of water and maybe sandwiches, fruit and a few energy bars
  • Tools – some basic tools such as a knife for opening boxes, a few screwdrivers and maybe some adhesive tape and a penlight torch are worth including
  • Consumables – some kitchen roll, a few cloths, some toilet rolls and general toiletries like hand soap

Planning ahead for a stress free move

It can’t be stressed enough how planning ahead is important when moving home; taking time well in advance of your moving day to draw up a plan will help you tackle the task systematically and not miss anything vital.


Five tips to ensure a smooth moving in day from drawing up a moving in schedule; making a list of who to inform of your new address and preparing a moving in kit.

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