Property Trends for Winter 2020

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Take a look at what is popular in the property market in winter 2020

Things are always changing in the property market, as what is popular fluctuates and reacts to what’s going on in the world. We take a look at some of the trends for winter 2020…

The location

Buyers are searching for properties close to green spaces and within walking distance to public transport. This makes the property for sale in Romford an attractive option as it combines city and suburban life. The current emphasis on slow living and supporting local business means people are looking to buy close to small high streets with a village feel.

A focus on the outdoors

People are becoming more conscious of what their outdoor area can offer. We’re not just talking grassy gardens, but lovely decked areas, verandas and patios are popular right now. Property owners want areas they can use to not only enjoy themselves, but also to entertain guests. This could, of course, be a reaction to the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, as we have been encouraged to socialise outdoors. This is even something we expect to be wanted through the colder months – but with outdoor heaters, fire pits and hot tubs.

Outdoor dining

Following on from people wanting to spend more time outdoors, there is a concentration on al fresco dining. Think outdoor pizza ovens, dedicated BBQ areas and, for those with large budgets, fully functional outdoor kitchens.

Eco-friendly homes

As eco-conscious millennials continue to get on the housing market the desire for sustainable property is growing. They want homes that minimise their environmental impact where possible. This can include; effective insulation, renewable energy sources like solar power, built with natural and local resources, triple glazing and rainwater harvesting.

Resourceful gardens

Additionally to wanting eco-friendly homes, people are caring for the environment by having a garden that can provide useful resources. Gone are the days where British gardens had a couple of small herb pots and in are the days of extravagant and extensive vegetable plots and herb gardens. There has also been a rise in beekeeping from home.

This year and beyond will continue to see a growth in outdoor socialising and entertaining as well as eco-friendly conscious homes. Along with these new and rising trends, buyers continue to want great properties in good locations.

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