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Moving house can be extremely hectic for everyone involved especially for a family with children. As adults, we tend to think about the extra stress that moving with children puts on us but it’s important to remember that your little ones are likely feeling anxious or worried themselves.

Here are some top tips to help your house move as easy and stress free as possible for both you and your children.

Talk to them

From the beginning of the process be sure to explain to your children in a positive way that you are looking to move house and why so they will view it as a good thing and feel happy and secure about the decision.

House hunting can be testing for even the most patient of adults and that’s before the agonising waits for offers to be accepted, surveys, mortgage applications and broken chains, so be sure to measure expectations of children and not get their hopes up or have them too invested.

Be sure to check in with them regularly and let them know they are free to ask you any questions they may have which will allow them to share their worries and concerns.

Take them to see the new house

Take them to see their new home and allow them fall in love with it for all the reasons you did, this will help them accept the transition from the house they have lived in for a long time. Show them their new room and talk about where to put their furniture and ask what colour they would like to paint it. Take them for a walk around the neighbourhood to look at the parks and fun places they will be able to visit to get them familiar with it.

Building up to the move

Try not to pack up all their belongings with months still to go before exchange. They may seem like ‘just toys’ to you but having all their possessions removed and taken away from them could be upsetting so discuss it with them first. Ask if they can help you to safely package up the things they don’t use very much – so they can be boxed ready to go to the new house when the time comes. As the time draws nearer continue to communicate with them and give them a toy storage box to put in their favourite toys that can stay with them up until the last day.

This is also a good opportunity to have a clear out of their toys and clothing but you might want to save that for when they aren’t home as children tend to want to keep everything as soon as the bin bags come out!

Moving Day

You might not get a lot of choice when it comes to your moving day so be sure to plan childcare to make the day as easy as possible for everyone whether that involves them going to a friends after school or asking your in-laws to lend a helping hand.

It won’t benefit anybody to have little ones wandering around a busy house with heavy furniture being moved and front doors being left open so make it easier on everyone and plan a fun day for them away from the chaos.

Their Room

Most people on moving day know the first things to go in and up are the big, important items like beds and furniture. You have a lot to do and it doesn’t have to be perfect but have your child’s bed put together ready with fresh bedding, their favourite teddy and a couple of their familiar bedroom items such as cushions, lamps, toys and books. This will help them feel more at home on their first night in a new room and help provide a good night’s sleep for everyone!

First Day Box

Most people know to pack a ‘first day box’ with key items such as phone chargers, a kettle, cups, paperwork and other important things you need quick access to – but don’t forget to pack one for your children.

Teddy’s, blankets, pyjamas, toothbrushes, snacks, school uniform, nappies, bottles and medicine are all great examples depending on the age of your children.

You might want to include their tablet device but bear in mind that you might not have internet connection straight away so it could be an idea to download some games or films ahead of time that don’t require Wi-Fi.

Make it fun

Yes, we know that’s easier said than done but at the end of the day when the madness is over take a minute to sit together and look around at your new home. Maybe let them choose a takeaway that night to save you from cooking and enjoy eating pizza on the floor as you all relax together.

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