While some cope well enough on their own, for many property owners a good letting agent is simply essential.

If you own a property and you’re thinking of letting it out, then you have probably considered taking on an agent to manage it for you. Some homeowners are hesitant to make this step though, as they think that it’s a job that they can easily do themselves. However, you’d be surprised at just how much hard work goes into keeping a property in great condition. Every person and every property is different though. That’s why, in this blog, you’ll be able to see how taking on an agent to share some of that responsibility might help you.


Looking after a property can take up a lot of your time, and people don’t often realise just how much until they have a property of their own. If you don’t have much else to worry about other than your property, then you’re very lucky indeed. However, if you’re trying to juggle work, a busy home life and social commitments alongside taking care of your property, you may be struggling. Having a team of dedicated agents taking care of the day to day stuff will be a huge weight off your shoulders. Don’t worry, you can still be as involved as you like.

Legal matters

There are a lot of legal matters to consider when you are managing a property. If you’re comfortable keeping on top of these, then great! If not though, then a property management agent will be able to help. They have extensive knowledge of all the rules and regulations surrounding property management, and they’ll be on hand to advise you and keep you informed of any changes to the law that may affect you.

You’ll save

Not many property owners know this, but having a letting agent can be pretty handy when it comes to filing your tax return. When the time to fill in your self assessment arrives, your letting agent fees can be offset against your tax. Now, if that doesn’t matter too much to you, then fine. However, that would be incredibly helpful for some property owners, particularly those just starting out on their buy to let journey.

Support in trying times

Sometimes, there will be incidents that seemingly come along just to test your mettle. If you’re great at thinking under pressure and have complete faith in your own decisions, you’re already miles ahead of other property owners. However, if you’d like a little more reassurance in those difficult situations, then a property management agent will be invaluable. Whether your problem is big or small, it’s just reassuring to be able to have someone there holding your hand every step of the way.

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