Village Life Is Appealing To Buyers


Uptick In Rural Property Enquiries

Why is village life so appealing to city dwellers following lockdown? Learn why urbanites are willingly saying goodbye to their lively cities.

Romford Estate Agents have seen a dramatic uptick in activity following lockdown as the bottleneck effect has now been pushed by the government’s stamp duty holiday and low interest rate cuts. We’ve seen record numbers of Londoners wanting to leave the capital in favour of more space with a lower price tag. The same effect is echoed in other UK cities including Liverpool, Birmingham and Edinburgh. However, these buyers aren’t just looking towards other towns or cities to move to. Specifically, it is village life which is appealing to relocators in the post-lockdown property climate.

Village Enquiries Surge

Rightmove reports that enquiries about buying a home in a village increased by 126% in June and July in comparison to the same two months of 2019. There is no doubt that this was fuelled by the impact of the government’s imposed lockdown in the preceding period. As urban property owners have benefited from strong house price growth in the last few years, they may have accumulated enough money to buy a much more spacious home in a rural village location.

Backs Turning On Cities

It may seem surprising that so many urban dwellers are readily choosing to up sticks and leave their vibrant city neighbourhoods behind to move to a slower pace of life. So why the change of heart? Looking towards the capital as an example, it seems that Londoners have historically been happy to trade living in cramped conditions, surrounded by excess noise and pollution, as they also have the proximity to lively districts filled with popular pubs, clubs and eateries. Many of these establishments have now closed down or are open in conditions which don’t hold sway with their usual clientele.

Other London property owners such as asset manager Joanna Coghlan spent lockdown in her flat within a residential complex at Battersea Power Station. Initially drawn to the onsite amenities the property offered, including restaurants, bars and spa facilities, she likened the complex as being like a ghost town during lockdown. She explains “I spent seven weeks isolated there and realised that I absolutely hated it. When you take away all the amenities that these developments advertise, then you realise you’re just living in a glass box.”

What Can Village Life Offer?

As an established Romford estate agency, we have had a large number of enquiries from prospective buyers looking to purchase homes in charming nearby villages such as Stapleford Abbotts. The pandemic has opened doors to a more flexible homeworking life, which means that office workers are less likely to need to live near a train station for a bearable daily commute. Although people aren’t necessarily relocating enormous distances, the ability to live a little further out means that village life is now incredibly appealing. Larger properties with room for a home office space in the vicinity of vast areas of countryside are now top of the priority list for post-lockdown buyers.

Of course if you’re relocating out of the city you might want to check out or article on house hunting in Romford to help you with your decision.

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