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When you’re moving house there is often a lot going on and it can be tricky to keep up with everything, especially when you are surrounded by packed boxes, half packed boxes and an array of things that need to go to the new house, the dump, to friends and to the local charity shop or clothes bank. Whether you are buying a house in Romford, or selling up and leaving, it is essential that you tell people you are moving house.

Firstly tell your friends and family, this can be done with change the date cards, by text messages, Facebook messages, emails or phone calls. It really depends on who they are and how you usually communicate with them normally.

Next you need to tell the Post Office, they need to know so they can re-direct your old post to your new home so if you have forgotten to tell anyone you are moving home then you will still get the mail. There is a cost for this but if you do it for a short while it means you can catch up on the people and companies you forgot to tell about your house move. See their redirection page for more information on this.

Make sure you speak to your bank too, the last thing you want is for bank statements to arrive at your old home and you especially don’t want new bank cards being sent their either so make sure you contact your bank and get your address changed with them.

If you have any standing orders or direct debits you will need to contact all the companies and people you pay through these and give them your new address so they can change it on their systems.

Don’t forget the loyalty cards – you’ve worked hard to collect all those loyalty points so don’t waste it by letting the company send the vouchers, coupons and points to your old address where you won’t be able to use them.

You need to tell the school where your children go too, so they can make sure you get any letters you need but be aware you may need to change schools if you are moving your child out of the catchment area of the school.

Of course energy, gas and other utility suppliers will also need to know even if you are not taking them to the new property because they will need to give you your final bill or set up your account at your new property for you.

You also need to let your employer know so they send your payslips to the right address along with people like the Council Tax, Inland Revenue, DSS Benefits and Pension. Plus, you will need to contact your doctors, dentists and opticians to move to a new place nearer to your home and don’t forget to get your insurances sorted out and changed too!

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