Why am I not selling? A few things you can do to get more viewings


Are you selling your home? Are there properties at similar prices that are selling? Is your home not selling? Can you work out why you’re not selling? Is it the house? The Photos? The Agent? The Price? Obviously, this can be frustrating, especially if you are not getting any viewings!

Here are few tips on what you can do as homeowners to maximise your property listing:

Look at your listing from the third eye

Take a step back and imagine that this is not your home, pretend that you are a buyer in the market looking at a few properties similar to your own. Look at the price? The size and the type of house you have. Would your house warrant a viewing? Be honest with yourself here.

If your answer is a hesitant “NO” or “NOT SURE” then you really need to look at why? How does the marketing look? Has the agent taken nice photos or does it look dark and dull? What is the wording like? Are you happy with it? As an agent doing this everyday – I know bad photos. I have seen rain drops on the lens, toilet seats up, clutter in the kitchen, pictures of windows and estate agents that seem to have one leg longer than the other when they take a photo of the living room. Rightmove is your shop window!! Your photos get the viewers in! Do not settle for rubbish photos – you need to sell your home online and make your home attractive for people to view.

It has been recorded that 97% of searches start online nowadays – so make sure your agent is not doing you a disservice!

Don’t feel guilty on getting your agent back into your home to take some new photos, you want to sell your home for the best price possible and any good agent will want to do the same.

How does your home actually look inside?

When it comes to the viewings, there are a few things that need to be addressed. If clients are looking to view your home then you need to play on their emotions and make it homely. When someone is looking at houses with a view to live then it’s an emotional purchase. How can you play on their emotions and make it homely? Sometimes a home needs to be dressed up a bit; just like you would dress up for a night out, your home can be dressed up for viewings. Maybe you can brighten up your sofa with new cushions? Turn on the heating and the fireplace? Turn on the lights? Use fresh towels in the bathroom and make your bed with plumped up pillows. A few scented candles and fresh flowers won’t set you back too much on the mortgage and can’t do you any harm either. Above all, make your home clutter free. Nobody wants to see your children’s toys all over the Lounge. Invest in a playbox to store the toys.

Are you on the market at a realistic price?

Do you think your home is better than anything similar on the market? Is it the best looking? Will it get the best price? Of course you think your house is amazing! You purchased it! But remember property is like anything – a matter of opinions. Forget about what price you need or want for your home. How does your price compare to the other houses on the market? That is what you’re competing against. Does it offer value for money? If you are asking more for your home, then what are your reasons? If you were viewing a house that was “toppy” on price – you would want to know why? So show off the best features for your home and get your agent to sell the benefits of your home rather than the competition on the market. You want the highest price for your home and you also want the viewings. Here at Keystones we are heavily in favour of the GUIDE PRICE with a lower guide and a higher guide to get the volume through your door. This generates interest, viewers and hopefully offers. This we find is a highly effective way of obtaining a realistic valuation and selling your house at a figure that you are happy with.

Talk to your Estate Agent

Many tell me that this is one of the hardest things to do, but just be honest. We are human beings as well and should be able to empathise with our clients and audience. A good agent should make you feel comfortable and in turn you should be able to have an honest conversation with them. I always tell my employees to be comfortable and transparent with their clients, it is the easiest way. Dealing with your estate agent is a relationship that can last from 3 months to over a year, so it only works effectively if you are on good terms and comfortable. We need to work together to sell your home and honesty goes a long way. We should know your plans, your reasons for moving and you should be able to approach us for advice at any given time. What can we both do to get your house sold? The important word here is “both.” It is a working relationship where we both want the same thing; to sell your home. So should you think we are missing something or need to add something to make your home more attractive to your audience, feel free to just ask us. Agents like us at Keystones Property love to help!

If you are not happy with your existing agent or want a confidential chat then you can always call myself on 0203 697 7788.

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