Why You Should Have An Expert Valuation


Reasons why an expert property valuation is the right choice

There are multiple reasons you may require a property valuation, from needing a value for insurance to curiosity – and the most common being that you are considering selling your property. We take a look at the reasons to have an expert valuation and explore what approach is right for you…

You’re considering selling your property

If you’re considering selling or letting out your property your first step should be a valuation to get an accurate price of what it is worth. To get the ball rolling, start with an instant valuation; a completely free and easy-to-use tool we offer on our website. Simply provide us with the basic details of your property by filling in the quick form and we will give you a free and instant valuation.

It’s important to get an expert estimate before putting your home on the market to improve your chances of selling – and not losing money! Pricing your property low may receive a lot of interest and you might sell quickly, however you could have undervalued and lost money. Going too low may also act as a red flag for a lot of buyers, who may worry that the low price means something is wrong with the house.

This valuation price is based on many factors including: the size, location, position and condition of the property, what other nearby properties have recently sold for and the general state of the housing market. Once you’ve done this you can advance within the selling process.

To ensure you’re getting the right insurance

Selling your property isn’t the only time you will need an accurate estimate of its value. You need to know the value to get the correct insurance cover. If you let the insurers know a price too low, you could find yourself with inadequate or invalid cover should you ever need to make a claim. If you inform the insurance company an incorrectly higher value, then you’ll probably end up paying too much. To prevent both of these outcomes ensure you have an accurate and up to date valuation.

You’re just curious

If you have lived in the same property for a long number of years you may just grow curious to what it’s worth. The free and instant valuation service is the perfect tool to use when curiosity strikes, as it’s free and easy.

The world of property valuation is wide and varied and there are even more reasons why you may require one, such as matrimonial valuations, help to buy valuations, probate valuations, tax valuations, shared ownership valuations and many more. Getting an expert estate agent to carry out a valuation survey is the best and most reliable way to get an accurate figure; and an online instant valuation is a great starting point in this process.

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