Are you looking to rent a property in Romford and the Essex area? You must have a few questions! We are here to make the process smooth, slick and simple!

Where can I find the Governments How to Rent Booklet ??

You can find the booklet on the official governments website or on your local councils website, we have also made it available by click here.

Are there any administration fees ??

Yes, we do charge an administration fee which is £480 inclusive of VAT. This includes everything you need to move into the property, there are no hidden charges, however for international or company credit checks extra fees may apply. There are also additional extras as you can see below such as a “Check in Schedule of Condition.”

A breakdown of our fee’s including VAT are below:

  • £280.00: Administration Fee, contribution to contract and paperwork per property (non-refundable)
  • £200.00: Rent4Sure reference FIXED (non-refundable) six week deposit and one month’s rent in advance due before the move to avoid delays
  • £60 for second guarantor first included in reference fee
  • £60 for a Check In Schedule of Condition upon move into the property
  • £150.00: Fixed contract Renewal fee
  • Check Out Fee: e.g. £72.00 for any property
  • £200.00 Lease reassignment fee plus any landlord disbursements.
  • Six week deposit and one month rent in advance due the day before the move to avoid any delays.
  • We are not currently a member of the Client Money Protection (CMP)
  • We are a member of the Property Ombudsman (TPO)

What do I do if I want to rent a property?

A holding deposit is required, this will be between £500-£1000 initially, the amount will depend on the property price and the time frame of the move in.
The holding deposit is NOT a fee, but will be deducted from any fees, property deposit and the first month’s rent you would need to pay.

*Please note – once you put your holding deposit down, you risk the chance of not receiving the money back once it is spent.

Are you a regulated company?

Here at Keystones Property we are a member of the Property Ombudsman, which are our governing body.

How much is the deposit and is it protected?

The deposit will usually be a minimum 6 week deposit, sometimes 4 weeks. The deposit is never kept with Keystones Property. It is either passed over to the landlord to register or sent directly to the DPS (Deposit Protection Service).
By law your deposit would need to be registered with MyDeposits, TDS or DPS. It is the responsibility of the landlord above all to do this.

What do I need to provide for referencing?

All the tenants over the ages of 18 years will be put on the tenancy agreement. All over the age of 18 years will also need to be referenced and credit checked.

All would need to supply:
ID’s – Passport, Driving License and/or visa to live in the UK.
Bank Statements – 6 months recent bank statements for all tenants
Payslips/Wage slips – 6 months recent wage slips
If you’re self employed you will need to provide your last 2 years worth of accounts.
You will then be asked to fill out your details online to be credit checked for CCJs, Default payments, bad credit and bankruptcy.

What payments do you accept?

We do not take any card payments. You can either pay cash or do a bank transfer via internet banking. We will even let you login to your internet banking on our computers in the office. Bank transfer is always the safest way because you have a computerised record of the payment made.

When do I get my deposit back?

Deposits will be returned within 10 days of the property being signed off. We require a proof of all bills paid prior to your return of deposit.

Do you accept DSS?

Most landlords do not accept housing benefit tenants, we advise them not to. This is normally due to the council not re-housing you until a possession order is granted by the courts. This will cost our landlords a lot of money. If we do have a landlord that does accept housing benefit, then you will be required to have a fully working guarantor who is a home owner to guarantee your position on the contract.

Are pets accepted?

This will depend entirely on the landlord; depending on the pet we would require a pet deposit of £500+

We are sharing; can our rent be paid from different accounts?

No. All rents need to be paid from one account.

What bills would I need to consider?

You can research your council tax bills via the local authority website, they are priced in bands. Your Gas and Electricity bills will vary on how much you use them. Check with your water provider on how much your water bills are, this can also be found via a simple search online.

Do I need Tenants Insurance?

We recommend all tenants to take out contents insurance as you are responsible for your own possessions. We can help you with this.