This is a process that we have nailed down.

  1. The Telephone Call
  • Why are you moving?
  • When do you need to move by?
  • How many people living in the property?
  • Are you employed or Self Employed?
  • What is your salary?
  • Can you prove your salary via Bank Statements?
  • Do you have payslips?
  1. The Viewing
  • Did they arrive on time?
  • Did they apologise for being late? Or call before?
  • How are they dressed?
  • How do they speak and are they polite?
  • Are they organised?
  • Can they control their children?

We then take it a step further a reaffirm everything that they have told us over the phone in person – face to face.

We are trained to sniff out the liars!

The 4-Point Check:-

  • ID from the tenant – containing photographic evidence
  • Utility Bill or Bank Statement (Proof of Address)
  • We check – CCJ’s, bankruptcies, defaults and bad credit in general

Employment References – A reference on the companies headed paper confirming the duration of employment, salary which has to be 30 times the monthly rent