An area just north of central Romford, Rise Park was once an area of farmland, marsh, and countryside – giving way to Lawns Way and Lawns Park to the West which held Lawns House – the area’s biggest 19th century property at the time.

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Today, Rise Park is considered a popular residential area in Essex, with green spaces supplementing the surrounding houses and creating a mixed landscape of manicured gardens and more rural and wild parklands. As a place to live, Rise Park offers both budget properties and more luxurious and larger sites – many of which were constructed when the area was first put on the property map back in the 1920s. In fact, even then Rise Park was renowned as one of the most attractive and coveted sites for housing in Romford – something which remains to this day a reason why homes across the area are so desired, and why the schools are always full and over-subscribed.

Why move to Rise Park?

Life in Rise Park is full of juxtapositions and harmonious unions – with access to the city’s and towns of Essex, as well as London, just a short journey away. Essex has long been considered the rural neighbour of London and it’s this which makes areas like Rise Park so popular for homeowners wanting to benefit from the mix of countryside and city on their doorstep.

Things to do in Rise Park

Aside from the obvious travel to London and busier areas of Essex, Rise Park takes its name from an expanse of parkland which covers a huge 24 acres, and which plays host to sports pitches, parks, and children’s play areas to name just some of the activities on offer.

A plethora of local businesses add to the charm and community spirit of the area, or residents and visitors can get onto the A12 in minutes and find themselves in Brentwood, Chelmsford or Colchester – where shopping, attractions, and experiences are rife.


With any Essex-based location there comes a blend of different property types, as the county is an ideal site for those who work in London, those who commute for business, and those who want to benefit from the quieter and more peaceful surroundings of the countryside. Rise Park has recently seen a significant rise in developments and housing projects, adding to the property potential for those looking to move to the area – while the existing property infrastructure means that there is something for every budget.

Whether you want to buy, sell, rent, or become your own boss as a landlord in Rise Park, getting the right support and representation is key to ensuring that you secure the best deals and property opportunities in the area.


Transport is a big player in the Rise Park homeowners manual, with the direct train to London and easy access to surrounding towns making the area one which is popular with workers across all levels and industries. Rise Park is on a number of local bus routes and is close to Romford which boasts direct trains into London and the surrounding areas.

Schools and education

There are often reports of Rise Park schools and educational facilities being over-subscribed, with parents looking to send their children to local schools, nurseries, and educational support facilities. Alternatively, the local area of Romford is a more expansive town with extra facilities, with many residents of Rise Park sending their children to schools on buses and coaches.

Whether you are a new family, have children looking to move into secondary school, or want to benefit from a smooth relocation and transition into a new school, Rise Park has a number of options for families to make use of.

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